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Flutter Keynote

In our opening Keynote, the Flutter team shares exciting news, demos, and features coming to Flutter. Learn more about Flutter 2 and what updates like Null Safety can do for you. You’ll also hear from companies like Microsoft, Canonical, and Toyota as they share the incredible things they’re doing with Flutter.


Flutter Sessions

From mobile app to web app

Join Mariam Hasnany and John Ryan as they upgrade their mobile app into a web app. Learn how to adapt your app for desktop browsers, how to debug, and how to deploy your app to a web server.

Let's migrate this app to null safety

Migrating a Flutter app to null safety can be surprisingly painless. Leaf Petersen demonstrates how to use pub to find out if you're ready to migrate, and how to effectively use the new Dart migration tool to quickly get your app up and running with full sound null safety.

The little things: Becoming the mythical designer-developer

Flutter is an expressive tool that supports immediate iteration (through hot reload). This makes it a good fit for the elusive designer-developer: an engineer with a knack for design. In this talk, Filip explores some of the basics of good app design and how they translate to Flutter widgets.

Monetizing apps with Flutter

The only thing better than building apps is making a living by building apps. In this talk, Zoey and Andrew from the Flutter team will talk about monetization strategies for apps built with Flutter, and how you can turn a successful app into a successful business.

Event Highlights

#MyFlutterStory Africa

Hear from and meet Flutter Developers from the community in Africa. How did they discover Flutter? Where do they get inspiration? What have they built? And how has learning Flutter opened doors in their lives?

Wallace & Gromit AR Experience

Combining the latest in augmented and mixed reality, Wallace & Gromit: The Big Fix Up, is an all new epic adventure built in Flutter in which fans are able to experience and interact with the story as it unfolds over time. Hear from their developers how they leveraged the power of Flutter working with Unity to rapidly prototype and launch this engaging experience using the best of both technologies.

Push Developer Story

Push is an advanced strength training wearable that helps elite athletes optimize athletic training and improve performance. Learn how Flutter enables them to spend more time launching new features and less time syncing codebases.

Flutter Engage Mashup

We are inspired and amazed by the breadth and diversity of Flutter apps out there -- from the largest brand names to cool artistic designs from all over the world, more than 150,000 apps have already been released with Flutter. From the start, you've pushed creative boundaries and we can’t wait to see what you make next! Thank you ×150,000 to the Flutter community.

Community Sessions

Choreographing transitions in your Flutter app

Beautiful choreography makes a dance routine look flawless, but why should a mobile developer care about choreography? What exactly is choreography? Organizing different dance moves into sequences and patterns? Now imagine if you could use the same principles for your mobile app!

Flutter Animations: Interactive Page Flip Widget

Flutter offers some very powerful yet simple animation APIs that we can use to delight our users. In this tutorial, we will explore these APIs in detail by building an interactive page flip widget using AnimationController, AnimationBuilder, gesture detectors, and custom 3D matrix transforms.

Flutter Plugin Development

Plugins and packages are an essential part of your Flutter apps. Maybe you didn't find one that fits your use case or perhaps you have built something and would like to share it. In this session, you will learn how to build your own plugins and the importance of Federated Plugins and the community.

Custom selectable text in Flutter

It's scary when text doesn't do what you want. Text layout and painting is often not in our control. But in Flutter, we have the control. In this talk, Matt demonstrates how to turn a regular Text widget into a custom SelectableText widget with a caret, highlight region, drag selection, and a custom cursor, all in less than 30 minutes.

Strategies to port your Android & iOS apps to Flutter

You've looked at Flutter and it sounds awesome, but having to rewrite your large codebase seems daunting. In this talk, we'll explore a handful of strategies you and your team can use to make porting your Android & iOS apps easier and done in record time!

New and easy internationalization in Flutter

Flutter provides a set of useful APIs that enable you to support multiple languages out of the box. Hot reload and hot restart let you continuously update your language resources and see changes live. In this video, you'll learn how to use a new simplified approach to i18n and see ways to conveniently manage the ARB files.

Faster release builds and better integration testing with Flutter

Flutter release builds for iOS are much faster with the new 'flutter build ipa' command and the new 'integration_test' package, making testing on real devices possible. Kevin will demonstrate both of these features and run tests on Firebase Test Lab.

Animating a Flutter App

What better way to learn animations than enhancing an app? We will see how with a few simple animation widgets can beautify our application.

Featherweight Isolates in Flutter

Dart Isolates provide not only the means to have parallel processing in our Flutter apps, but also a way of architecting our apps to be more robust and resilient in the face of errors. But currently, we are limited in the way we can make use of Isolates due to resource constraints. Now an exciting new experimental feature in Dart and Flutter means you will soon be able to architect your app in new ways to make use of as many Isolates as you need.

How to use new Material buttons

The Material Buttons have been updated and you might be wondering how to use or migrate the old buttons to the new ones. In this talk, Haris from Learn Flutter Code talks about how to style and theme the new Material buttons.

Efficient Flutter debugging with Dart DevTools

Debugging takes a significant portion of development time. It's crucial to become an efficient and effective developer with an appropriate tool that could ultimately save our time. Dart DevTools is a web suite of debugging and performance tools that can work independently or integrated into your IDE, making it easy to debug different Flutter and Dart application parts, including layout issues, performance problems, Network requests, and many more. In this talk, you'll learn what a Flutter developer can do with these tools and how you can get the most out of your development time using Dart DevTools.

Flutter Folio Demo

See Grant Skinner show off the new Flutter Folio app demo that supports all six Flutter platforms from a single source codebase: Android, iOS, web, Windows, macOS and Linux.

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